Do i get a wallet card

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Does juniper offer wallet cards to jncia-junos!


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    You can have my Cisco one. Its in a box somewhere.
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    I've never gotten one, and I've never seen one mentioned. Some of the original JNCIE stuff said you would get a pin you could wear and show off, but I never got ones of those either.
  • AldurAldur Juniper Moderator Member Posts: 1,460
    Yea, I'm not aware of a wallet card either. I believe that with any IA certification you'll receive a certificate in the mail but no other goodies.
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    I just looked, you are going to get a hard cardboard mailer containing a congrats letter with the tech flower logo in the upper right and the corporate logo in the lower left. The letter will give you a couple of links on how to get your logo. You will get your cert on light canary heavy stock 50lb maybe. It is a decent looking cert 8x10 big letters several fonts blue and black. There is a three inch vertical blue border on the left with several shade lighter script words that do not reproduce when copied. I think the words are juniper networks but I see others like "this" and maybe "internet". You can see it in the sun or high florescent but I am in my cave at the moment.

    If it is your first cert you will probably get a couple of glossy pamphlets about the training program and the rules for using the logo. But you will get no wallet card or pin. If you are unlucky they will have switched to electronic certs like Microsoft or so says Certiport when I looked today. Hopefully that is detailed enough for you :)
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  • Ryuksapple84Ryuksapple84 Member Posts: 183
    I have 3 cards from cisco, you are welcome to have those...
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