IT Certification after a degree!

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Is it really necessary to do certificates like A+ and N+ when you already have a degree? I mean you could always move forward and do stuff like MCSE, CNA etc to add on your degree. I have a degree and the company I work for is demanding that i do A+ and N+ before i am confirmed as an Engineer, Isn't that moving a bit back instaed of forward?



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    Considering the relative difficulty of those certifications, I would just take a few months, pass them, and be done with it.
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    Rereading my post I realized that I may have confused you.

    Given the fact that you have a degree, I think that taking a little time to obtain your A+ and Net+ would be fairly simple and definately worth it if your employer wants you to do so.
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    Even Though its basic stuff. It will prob refresh a few things for you. Good luck
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    do it anyway, can't hurt, allready having a degree should make these exams quite easy which they are, and they can count as electives for Microsoft.
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    I have a degree in MIS and I've elected to study and take both microsoft and compTIA exams. I figure it can't hurt. I have taken and passed 70-210, 70-215 and I'm gearing up for net+ in a few weeks. After studying and taking the exams I was actually surprised at the amount of info I either didn't know at all or just knew the terms\basics. I think haveing taking the exams and studying for them was very usefull. I plan on getting my MCSA by the end of this year and then look for a new position. I have been working on a helpdesk since graduating college. (2 years ago)
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    Absolutely. Certs are standard. You wont bump into people to often in this field who have no certs, even though they have a college degree.
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