Going to start down the Juniper path.

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I finally caved in and scheduled my first Juniper exam for the end of November. I've been getting a good amount of exposure to the SRX line after working to deploy 40 or so to our remote offices and replace our corporate firewall with one as well. Figured I'd pursue the JNCIS-SEC since it would compliment the knowledge I've been picking up well and hopefully make me a bit more marketable.

I'm set to sit the JNCIA-Junos exam November 29th, wondering after registering if I might have been better suited to pursue the JNCIA-ER instead - but I've already taken the FastTrack pre-assessment for JNCIA-Junos and as a result received the single allotted 50% off voucher so I may as well stick with that one.

Looking forward to it, I've taken quite a lengthy break from any certs with other things keeping me busy so it should be nice to get back into the swing again. Juniper has also been pretty exciting to work with in-between the moments of frustration at least - I've found the SRX line seems to have it's share of odd quirks but overall works quite well for the most part and I think the CLI is much more intuitive now that I have the hang of it than IOS is so I'm pretty happy with the decision to jump into Juniper when we did rather than wait for ASA's to become available (thanks Cisco for not being able to keep up with the demand!).

Out of curiosity, I know Juniper has a plethora of free PDF/Kindle format books and already have snagged them all. I've also picked up the recently released Junos Security book from O'reilly. But I was wondering how relevant the O'reilly Junos Enterprise Routing and O'reilly Junos Cookbook books were considering they are a couple years or so each old. I'm still novice enough to the Juniper world to not know how much has changed since these books were published and was curious if they might compliment my overall knowledge of Juniper or if I would be just as well off with what's available on Juniper's site and hands-on?


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    Good luck :)

    handy being clued in on Cisco and Juniper if you want to move into a Networking role...

    The fundamentals of JUNOS haven't really changed across new code releases so I still find that the Cookbooks for JUNOS and enterprise routing were handy.

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    Yeah, the JUNOS Cookbook (and JUNOS for Dummies) really helped me in passing the JNCIA-JUNOS, highly recommended.
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    I have the Junos cookbook and I can tell you that it rocks. A must have.
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    Now this is a good thing to hear. :)

    When I started learning Juniper is stuck to the Sybex books but that was because my job at the time was in the SP realm.

    As others have mentioned the JUNOS cookbook is extremely valuable, and I found the JUNOS Enterprise routing book very helpful too. Other then that the student guides have been a huge help.

    I also picked up the JUNOS Security book but with the new job and all I haven't had much time to dive into it. You'll have to let us know what you think of it.

    Good luck with you studies and let me know what you think of the exams, I'm in a position to provide some influence in that area.
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    Aldur.. I am going to be taking the JNCIS-SEC this week, will give you some feedback.. I really hope it's a tough exam... Not kidding here...Hope to pass but really just have a good time...
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    hoogen82 wrote: »
    Aldur.. I am going to be taking the JNCIS-SEC this week, will give you some feedback.. I really hope it's a tough exam... Not kidding here...Hope to pass but really just have a good time...

    Looking forward to what you have to say about this one :)

    It's next on my list, hopefully between my lab of SRX's and Olives if needed I'll be able to get enough hands-on to knock it out :)
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