CCAr... for real?

ltgenspecificltgenspecific Member Posts: 96 ■■□□□□□□□□
So, just out of curiosity and because it never hurts to dream (aka I'm going to be an MCM someday, I'll rule the interwebs! icon_lol.gif )...

What in the world would it take to earn a CCAr? What in the world do they do at work?

I mean the CCIE is already pie in the sky for most of us just getting started in the industry and my personal goals are not oriented to Network certs as it is (Systems guy myself)... But wow, the CCAr seems ridiculous. Is this one of those certs that only folks who work for Cisco and need to validate experience for large promotion might get?

Just curious as I said, I would be fascinated to hear if anyone even knows what these guys do on a daily basis.



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