IPSec problems

hackman2007hackman2007 Member Posts: 185
I'm having difficulty keeping the IPSec facts straight. For some reason my brain refuses to retain the information.

I know it uses protocol ID's 50/51 and an authentication header, but am having trouble remembering the other facts DG mentions about it.

Any suggestions on how to remember this?


  • VerrucktVerruckt Member Posts: 36 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Doesn't work through NAT (not completely true but you need it for the test)

    Has an authentication header AH and Encapsulating security payload ESP

    Is commonly used with L2TP for VPNs

    My way to remember all the details is thinking of the entire thing as a subway - L2TP is the tunnel, NAT is the end station, IPSec is the car, and AH / ESP are the security guys along for the ride ;)
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