Routing TCP/IP volume 1

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Got this book delivered this morning (£12 off eBay - bargain). All I can say is that I so wish I had this at the start of my ROUTE preparations; everything seems so clear and concise, with excellent examples. I've obviously only flicked through it but it seems such a good book.

So, my advice - don't bother with the OCG, maybe get the FLG but Definitley get this.

Now just need to find volume 2, the same guy was selling it on eBay but I was outbid by 50 pence, could have been a real bargain!
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    I bought the Kindle version 2nd Edition a few days ago, and I browse thru it and I like it already, and it seem to have a good amount of Ipv6 as well.
    I just wondering why the 1st edition cost more than the 2nd edition.

    I am starting my Route study next week, and this is the first book I am going to read.
    I am still going to buy the OCG for the practice exam.
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