Using Dreamspark Voucher & Free Second Shot Voucher

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Good afternoon folks!

I am a student currently going to college and caught wind of Microsoft issuing out 1 free exam voucher (via Dreamspark). Well....

My college migrated their old email system and made it mandatory to use the new system. I applied for the voucher on my old email, and tried it again on my new-mandatory-email. Lo' and behold, I got another exam voucher!

All is fine and dandy, BUT, the vouchers have an expiration date of 30 JUNE 11. I booked both exams during the lastweek of June, one on the 27th (70-642) and the other on the 30th (70-680). I know that I will ultimately bomb on one exam (the 70-642) but will most likely pass the (been studying 70-680 off and on for 2 weeks). With that being said, I've dug through my emails and found out about the Free Second Shot voucher that I applied through (via Prometric). Which brings me to this:

I got 2 exams, both free from vouchers, scheduled during the last week of the month due to the expiration date. I want to know if there is any way of knowing if the 2nd Shot voucher got accepted towards my 70-642 exam. Does prometric allow more than 1 voucher per exam?

Thanks for reading!!


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