Failed with 658

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Had a ton of sims, the sims aren't like they were in the Transcender practise tests either, so initially the first sim in the exam took my by supprise.

Had alot of questions on shares and user permissions. Had absolutely nothing touching on RRAS or SUS.

My strongest area was managing and maintaining a server environment, although they all scored around the same areas (around the 3/4 mark).

Oh well, drown my sorrows tonight and then get back on it tomorrow I guess icon_thumright.gif


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    That is pretty close. A few questions here and there and you'll pass it next time.

    I've said this recently in another post and I'll say it again. Completely understand permissions. Share/NTFS permissions have a habit of popping up on other exams in the 2003 track, they will certainly come into play on the 7/2008 track if you ever upgrade, and you will get Directory Services permissions which are very similar on the 294. Not to mention that permissioning something correctly will make your job loads easier.

    Keep your head up and good luck on the next attempt

    EDIT: Don't forget registry permissions. They are gonna follow the same principals as NTFS.
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    The best way to get through sims is to watch a video. The sims are just basically reinacting a hands-on video.
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