Athlon Vs. Sempron

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One question.

I want to 2 buy an AMD processor. Which is better Athlon Xp or Sempron?
I know duron are so-so.


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    here is the break down

    Duron: economy processor usually found in bargain PC

    Sempron: its the middleman. It is a good processor, but you wouldnt want it in a workhorse PC.

    Athlon: AMD premier proccessor. It is usually found in higher end PC. Use the Athlon for heavy processing such as videogaming or media streaming
  • cdad2000cdad2000 Member Posts: 323
    UMM, I got it. Thanks ITGUY. U da man. Athlon xp it is.
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    Exception for the next few months the Sempron 3000+ is an Athlon 64 with 32 bits turned off which means a internal memory controller which should make it faster than an Athlon XP. Basically they are the one that need socket 754 in place of socket A. Lower end Semprons are the original Athlon XP before they retooled it to a smaller die. Going forward by the end of the year all non mobil AMD chips will be based on the 64 architecture. Socket A is of this moment a lame duck. Next year so will the original Athlon64 socket 754 leaving us with socket 939 for a while.

    True 64 bit Semprons exist now, I think 3400+, but they are slower than a Athlon64. How they are doing it this time seems to be a current secret. It is probably more than just cache size but you can't really tell until there are equavalent 64 bit benchmark program suites.
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