Anyone selling Cisco Equipment cheap?

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Just spent hundreds on building a lab that is possibly too outdated...

- Cisco 2924XL catalyst switch
- Cisco 2501 router
[FONT=Verdana,Arial,Tahoma]- Cisco 2500 2507 Wired Router 16 x Ethernet[/FONT]
- Cisco 1604 router
- Cisco Firewall 501
- US Robotics 56k External modems
- Tons of Cat5 cable
- 5 Console cables 1 meter
- 1 Console cable extra long

This is what was purchased dunno if it is useful even with the IOS being old one would assume that there is equipment like this still in service and being used.

In order to know this must figure out the following question:

Do the older versions of IOS talk to and interface with the newer versions of IOS?

Anyone care to donate to the cause it would be greatly appreciated dust off that Cisco equipment be a stand up citizen and share for the cause of getting someone else there certification like you have had the chance to. I will take dust too as long as the dust don't make the shipping more expensive :P

Thanks for your help!


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    Its a lesson several of us have learned the hard way. Buying equipment before doing research.

    How much did you spend on the equipment if you dont mind me asking.

    For the CCNA, you might be ok with some of the equipment. The switch is a door stop. The commands will be different than a 2950 you may get confused.

    Pick up a couple 2950's. The routers you may be ok with. The 2500's will get you though most of the material. I just did all the labs from Chris Bryant with 3 2500's and one 2610 as a frame relay.

    You will find most people recommend 2600xm's and 1720, 1760s as you can use them for CCNP\ CCNA-voice. 2600's only run up 12.3 Notice the lack of XM.

    Like the other poster, you could pick up some 2600's real cheap, but after the ccna you wont be able to use them for the CCNP.

    You can use different IOS between routers. One can run 12.2 and another 12.4. You may not be able to do everything because several configurations require you to put the same command on both routers. Both routers must support the command.

    Its tough to get burned, but take it as a learning lesson. I did the same thing. I bought several 2500's and found out they were dated. I still use them though. After research I learned more about the hardware, IOS, memory upgrades, boot roms, and WICs. Better than any book could teach you.
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    1721's (make sure they have the power adapter) and 1760's are cheap. I saw a 1721 that included the power adapter and 2 WIC cards for like $25.

    If you're patient you can snag 2950's cheap, I was able to get 1 for $12 shipped.
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    OK now that I have at least a better starting plan it should be good.

    I spent about 350-400 dollars total in my failed quest for getting equipment it wasn't due to a lack of research though per say it was do to a lack of paying attention to detail to the dates of some of these web pages that I was reading dunno why it slipped my mind but it did. Including gas and traveling expenses to get things from both ebay and craigslist I have spent a fair amount of time and money to reach oblivious idiotic failure on my part.

    As you say back to the drawing board for me I need some equipment that supports the latest IOS versions.
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    what country/location ?

    Not all of us are from the US
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    I have some 2651XM's and some 3550's and some 3725's I could let go cheap. PM me in intrested. I'm looking to get this stuff out the house so im sure we could work out some deal.
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