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How does one obtain a security cleareance for a govt contractor job?

My interview was with Lockheed Martin, working at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. One requirement is to obtain a security clearance.

I am in the salary negotiation phase for an Exchange admin.
What next?


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    You will have to apply via the FBI. Lockheed will probably apply on your behalf. Usually what they mean by that is that within a certain time frame of them hiring you, you will have to obtain the clearance. Sometimes they want you to have it before starting, and trust me, this doesn't happen overnight, it can take a very very long time (in my case 11 months). It all depends on your background, and various other weird things that they will ask people about you. With Lockheeds pull, it might happen sooner than later, so I'd ask them to give me specifics on what they mean by that if I were you. It's not un-heard of for people to go in a job that requires them to get clearance over a certain period of time, for some reason or another, they couldn't get it and wham! They were fired because it.

    We've done contract work for Lockheed and the reason they require the clearance is because of the large number of DOD and NASA contracts they do. So as an exchange admin you would definantly have access to some communications that would require a certain level of assurance of confidentiality on Lockheeds part.

    Good luck.
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    Are you saying that you can pre-qualify for a clearance before you get any job? I thought you had to be sponsored to get a clearance?
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    Bye the way, I nailed it. Starting next Tuesday. Employment package and acceptance letter will be overnighted. YEAH!!! icon_lol.gif
    What next?
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    Congrats!! That's a cool job at cool company icon_cool.gif
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    CONGRATZ dude............
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    Congrats man,

    I got a job doing help desk for NMCI (Navy Maine Corp Intranet) and my subcontractor is sponsoring my top secret clearence. From what i was told the top secret takes anywhere from 6-8 months to complete usually.
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    QUIX0TIC wrote:
    Are you saying that you can pre-qualify for a clearance before you get any job? I thought you had to be sponsored to get a clearance?
    In order to obtain any govt security clearance, you must be sponsored. You can't just run out and apply for one without sponsorship. The investigation process can be long, and it requires $$$.

    I obtained a TS clearance while I was in the military. After I retired from the military and started working for a contractor, I had to reapply through the contractor who sponsored me. Since I had a previous clearance through the military, it was no problem. When I left the contract job and started working as a government civilian, I had to reapply again through the government. If your job only requires a Secret clearance, that's all you will be investigated for. You cannot obtain a TS clearance unless your job requires it.
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    icon_thumright.gif Congrats!
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