Core exam complete - OS to go

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Hi all. I'm new to the forums. Thought I would join after seeing the great threads on certs.

I took the A+ Core Hardware exam yesterday. Made a score of 646. Not as good of a score as I had hoped for, but enough for passing. I used A+ Certification Study Guide, Fifth Edition by Michael Pastore, published by McGraw Hill, and a few practice demos online. Maybe the scores would have been better if I had purchased full test simulators.

Anyway, plan to take the OS section in 2-3 weeks. In anyone's opinion, is the OS exam harder than the Core Hardware.
At least I won't have to memorize any more charts of cpu speeds or IRQs.




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    I took my exams the same day. I would not say one is more difficult than the other. No surprised on the exam if you prepare from Comptia Objectives.

    Many people state they think hardware was 'easier', but I liken that to the fact most people seem to enjoy working with hardware more than software and have more experience before their exam.

    If you have working experience, you should find them fairly equal. Check out the technotes here. Review Meyer's A-I-O book if you are able to and look over the objectives. You should do fine.
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