just passed my ccna with 894

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Finally i can say i killed the beast.worst thing is that like many i was kinda scared of doing the exam.this is my first certification and i plan to have more soon.

to all those still scared go take the exam.Damn its too easy not like we fear.

books i used
sybex 5
knowledgenet from cisco.
for the simulator i used
my problem was usually in the router sims but for the past 2 weeks ive been studying from 9am to 9pm a marathon.
this made my skills too good.

all the best to those who are trying
do concentrate
on vlan configurations
access lists


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    Well done mate. Congratulations.

    What was your simulation?
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    How long did you study for? And what do you think of Boson's Netsim I'm going to buy it tonight right after work. I need some last advises on the product. Thanks for your feedback.
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    I used the netsim beta for CCNP look for places u can download but its always better to use a router.i got 1 extra router just to have a router feel steve read VLAN AND VTP I KNEW WELL AND I CONFIGURED IT 100 TIMES BEFORE EXAM DO I NEED TO SAY MORE

    i tell u the exam is easy and dont fear it.and dont click away.
    strangly enough i never read ICND Well but did sybex 4.
    saad dont make the mistake that i made i was reading but not doing the sims ive successfully done RIP sim for the first time 3 weeks back and for the past 2 weeks ive been doing sims.i was reading from 9am to 9pm recently.
    i read for over a year i had no access to routers or books and started with cisco press odom i hate that book.after sybex it was beta.
    i would say a month of serious study and 1 week leave from work to certify is enough.
    after my 10th

    go to
    www.sadhikov.com this is a guaranteed site to pass the exam they have a lot of materials this site made me pass nothing else

    let no one tell u ccna is tough exam is too easy


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    and do get your hands on a router even if for a feel. i had 1 router and ive never done any full config on any
    best simulator is boson netsim for ccnp beta release

    this exam is too overestimated and ive been postponing doing it since january but i paid for it and there was no escape now im a ccna.

    work hard and u will pass
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    congrats, what cert you will do next?
    Failure is the mother of success, just never stop trying :)
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    next cert is CCNP ive already started started studying for it my target is to do 1 exam per month.i think i can make it especially for the BSCI exam.
    im also doing OCP(oracle certification) coz most of the time i work on oracle not networks
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    Good job.... happy for you :)
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    yeah 4 u
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