Passed ICND2

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Hi all ,

passed my ICND2 couple of days back. Got a 846/1000 passing was 825 just barely passed....even though I am not satisfied but was overjoyed since the anticipation of the next screen after clicking "END EXAM" was killing me(btw it made me wait like 30 secs but that was like 5 mins:D). Now why I wasn't satisfied coz I went with the same mind set of ICND1 that it will be a piece of cake wasn't

1. The questions sentence construction were on the trickier side and the some of the options were very close to each other.
2. Major chunks of the questions were from the trunking scenario dot1Q, which now i know is my weakness
3. hardly i got any EIGRP questions with major stress on OSPF including one SIM (now in this I wasn't given any sims for configuring/converging the network) only questions related to it.
4. WAN questions were plenty including a SIM which was straight forward POINT-to-POINT frame-relay
5. On NAT : the basic ip nat inside|outside commands need to known....
6. IPV6 questions : I only knew the bare minimum in IPV6 so the questions on IPV6 were tougher on me
7. STP : I would say do know ur basics like how to make out which ports get blocked and be forwarding for a medium size network.

Overall I would say ICND2 is much tougher than ICND1, not as straight forward. Part of the reason maybe, for ICND1 i just went through CBT nuggets once and went for the exam and passed with 937/1000 and boy I was happy. So I did the same for ICND2 and by the 10th question I was sweating(I wasn't sure for the first 7/10 questions which made me nervous), but SIMs came to the rescue and I passed. Hence future exam takers be more than prepared for CCNA.

Next up is CCNP/CCNA VOICE I can't make up my mind, but I do know I will do more than watching CBT nuggets before giving either of these.:)



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