Are the five books enough?

The company I work for has access to the core ITIL books.

Do you think these books would be enough to pass the Foundations exam? Or do you think I would be better off getting a book specifically related to the exam and going that route?


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    Don't need the book. Watch the CSU ITIL video series on Youtube and do mock exams until you can score 80-90% on them.
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    I agree - the 5 books would be huge overkill for foundation level. There is a ton of free stuff online (search the other threads and you'll find some links).

    If you do use the 5 books, grab a copy of the foundation syllabus from the ITIL official site and target your reading.

    Don't forget, the syllabus changes from ITIL 2007 to ITIL 2011 on Jan 1st 2012, so if your firm has the 2007 books you should try to take the exam before then.
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    I'm going to wait until after the 2012 changes take effect.
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    If your company can get you updated material, I would take it for future ITIL exams. After taking the ITIL Service Offerings and Agreements exam, I am now looking for a good deal on the books; I believe it is a pretty good framework.
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    Good information. Thank you!
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