Is 70-215 very similar to 70-210?

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Hi there,

I have been studying from my Sybex book and after I have completed practically half of it, the impression that I am having while reading is that most of the topics are very similar to 70-210.

It seems that I am understanding the topics much better as compared to when I was studying for 70-210.

I know there are certains differences e.g. win2k server member and win2k domain controller. But apart from that, everything seems to be the same as 70-210.
Most of the questions I am doing at the end of the chapter, I am getting a score of 14/15 or 13/15( no cheating) :D .

I have a little doubt about this, whether I am understanding all the topics the right way or I am making a mistake.
Is 70-215 very similar to 70-210?

Please advise!
Thank you.


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