Passed Server 70-215

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Hi all,

Just passed the server exam .But the strange thing is that i do not know how much i got. Asked the examiner and he said that you normally do not get the marks in the server exam .You just get to know whether you have passed or not.Also,he further added that the marks would be given along with the MCSA certification kit ,which is still some exams later.
Question : Which exam do i have give next to become MCSA-2000.

signing out--ritamshome


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    CONGRATZ dude - don't worry about the score - a pass is a pass......
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    To obtain MCSA 2000, you would need to exam# 218 as your second core, and one of the electives listed here. The exam 221 you passed does not count towards MCSA 2000.
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    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Thanks to all. Will definittely now be working towards 70-228/70-218.

    signing out--ritamshome.
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    congrates on your pass....
    i am giving my paper on 29 of this month any guidelines at the end...

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    Congrats on the pass! Out of curiosity why would they not include a score only on this exam and they do on all the others, unless it was some kind of glitch? icon_wink.gif
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    Hi all,

    Just logged on in today .Sorry for the delay. Mishoo as far as my advice to you goes ,you must be very thorough with 2000 server especially with Managing User's Groups & Computers,Managing Disks,Performing System recovery & Web-Terminal Services. I think at least 80% came from these topics (perhaps i may be wrong.). I studied from Sybex book on 70-215, took a lot of time to practice and rummraged a lot of free stuff/Questions from the web as usual. To tell you the truth though this exam was a lot tougher than the others. As far as **** goes it's very difficult to rely totally on the answers provided on some ****-web sites. So double check the answers. Plain Simple advice-- Know your book well,Practice hard and clear it. Best of luck on the 29th and man post a long hard complicated post for the others to enjoy.

    As far as IT dude goes i am still unsure why i did not get the score report. Microsoft rarely does this type of glitches. Strange are the ways of Microsoft.

    Anyway , am know preparing for 70-216 and man is it tough or what? AS soon as i clear it,i will be very happy.

    signing out--ritam shome.
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