Create an answer file for an unattended install

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When the XP Pro ask a question, It doesn't go to the answer file I created. I created an answer file thru the setup manager. Saved it to the HD, renamed the file from unattend.txt to winnt.sif, then moved the winnt.sif and the unattend.bat to a floppy. I insert the XP CD and floppy into a computer with no OS, it boots to the XP CD and starts, when it comes to an answer it stops, waiting for my input, not looking at the disk for the answer. SO what am I doing wrong?


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    you need to boot to dos first then run

    winnt /u:a:\winnt.sif /s:[sourcefiles]

    Sets up Windows 2002 Server or Windows XP Professional.

    WINNT [/s[:sourcepath]] [/t[:tempdrive]]
    [/u[:answer file]] [/udf:id[,UDF_file]]
    [/r:folder] [/r[x]:folder] [/e:command] [/a]

    Specifies the source location of the Windows files.
    The location must be a full path of the form x:[path] or

    Directs Setup to place temporary files on the specified
    drive and to install Windows XP on that drive. If you do
    do not specify a location, Setup attempts to locate a drive
    for you.

    /u[:answer file]
    Performs an unattended Setup using an answer file (requires
    /s). The answer file provides answers to some or all of the
    prompts that the end user normally responds to during Setup.

    Indicates an identifier (id) that Setup uses to specify how
    a Uniqueness Database File (UDF) modifies an answer file
    (see /u).The /udf parameter overrides values in the answer
    file, and the identifier determines which values in the UDF
    file are used. If no UDF_file is specified, Setup prompts
    you to insert a disk that contains the $Unique$.udb file.

    Specifies an optional folder to be installed. The folder
    remains after Setup finishes.

    Specifies an optional folder to be copied. The folder is
    deleted after Setup finishes.

    /e Specifies a command to be executed at the end of GUI-mode Setup.

    /a Enables accessibility options.
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    err just wanna point out that there is no DOS in WinXP.
    witty comment
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    well a command prompt then :P just force of habit calling it dos
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