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I posted something earlier but without a subject. Diregard that one please.

I have the A+ and Network+ certs. I decided to go the MS route and gor for 270, 290, and 291 (MCSA). I purchased a box set from Sybex (ISBN: 078214264icon_cool.gif. My question is, has anyone used this and is it adequate? I got it at great price and am hoping I didn't jump at the cheapest. Thanks in advance.


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    MS Press and Sybex are usually the best for MS exams, so if you bought up-to-date versions, you got yourself a good kit.
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    It says "Updated Second Edition", for what that is worth. I saved 60 bucks though. Purchased from . Delivered 2 days later. I am half way into the 270 book and I find it easy to read. I would recommend this set. I plan to take the 270 test in 4-6 weeks, depending on the holidays. Thanks
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