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Morning All

I have my I-net exam tomorrow and I am extremly confident I will pass so am taking the oppurtunity now to thanks you all for your great notes and practice Exam questions. I have been using the Sybex Book, Techexam notes and MCMCSE notes, exam as well as Preplogic exam questions. I know some people will boast that they did not need to study loads for this exam or any exam but I always say if your going to do something, better do it good. I have been in IT for 6 years and I did learn stuff studying for this exam. The Business Conecpts section I believe is not common knowledge. Well anyways I think I will comfortably pass tomorrow and the added pressure of me boasting about it today should make sure I do LOL . icon_lol.gif

Next up the 70-229 then 70-270 or Project + depending on where I want to go.

Thanks Again


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    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Hey, I am taking the iNet+ certification exam tomorrow as well, I have been studying for days now amd I am exceptionally confident, not overly though. I understand a lot of networking, but this iNet+ seems to cover a lot. I have attained my first two semesters of Cisco CCNA certifications, but those are just specifically networking, where iNet is not. Anyways good luck to you and we'll see how things to! hope to view your post tomorrow.
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