Passed TShoot today <<<This guy is now a CCNP

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Cleared TShoot which completed all my requirements of my CCNP, I did not study for this exam I figured if I could pass Route and Switch that I should easily be able to pass TShoot which I did on my first attempt. I honestly believe that you can not learn how to troubleshoot from a book. With that being said you really have to know how the various technologies are implemented to have a chance at passing this exam.

I feel great today,

Good luck to you all......

next up CCIE R&S or CCNP Voice..... I have not decided......


  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    Congrats and good luck on your future endeavors!
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    Congratulations! :)
  • mattaumattau Member Posts: 218
    fantastic effort and welldone
    CCNP ROUTE - passed 20/3/12
    CCNP SWITCH - passed 25/10/12
    CCNP TSHOOT - passed 11/12/12

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    Well Done! Keep Going On!
  • SharkDiverSharkDiver Member Posts: 844

    Nice work on the TSHOOT.

    Good Luck on whichever you choose next.
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    Nice work! Congratz on your new letter CCNP
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    Good Work!
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    Congrats!! icon_thumright.gif
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