Some Clarifations needed.

ritamshomeritamshome Member Posts: 57 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hello all,

I need some clarifations regarding some of the courses on Networking. Has CCNA got more value than the Netpro Networking Courses offered on the Netpro Certifations Website-There u have to clear 5 papers.
Secondly The Ethical Hacker Course offered i.e. the CEH exam .Has it got more weight than the courses on Ethical Hacking offered by the Asian School Of Cyber Laws in our region--I.E. INDIA.

Plz offer some inputs & Clarifications.

signing out--ritam shome.


  • seuss_ssuesseuss_ssues Member Posts: 629
    Maybe i didnt understand your questions but the CCNA is a certification not a class. Often time people take classes to help prepare for a certification. Basically a class teaches you something and a certifcation shows that you know the materials. No employeer is going to care about what classes you have sat through if you do not have cooresponding certifications to ensure that you learned the materials.
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