relationship of Group policy and Active Directory

D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
I am stuck on page 303 of my 70-218 ms press book...
I can't get my head around page 303, figure 9.9
it shows a picture of the relationship of group policy and active directory

I understand how GPO's are processed:

1. Local GPO
2. Site GPO
3. Domain GPO

in figure 9.9 it says

group policy processing order for the marketing OU = A3, A1, A2, A5

I'm not sure what the A3, A1, A2, etc stands for
would it A3 mean level 3 in active directory?

I'm icon_confused.gif ,I really wanna get this down......

I know it's something simple, but it's just not clicking!

If anyone has the book and can explain it to me i'm sure I'll get it......

Also the same figure is in the ms press book for 70-217 on page 403 figure 12.5

please help i have to get my head around this before my exam next weekend....



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