I think my CCNA Lab is nearly sorted out

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Hey, I plan on hitting the studies hard from next week and after some advice my lab looks like this so far


1X 2950
2X 2924

I am thinking of maybe getting another 2950 but not sure if I should at this stage?


1X 2620XM
1X 2612
1X 2621 (getting this for free)

I am trying to pick up another XM router to add to my rack.

Also wasn't sure about Frame Relay and what would be best? I do have GNS3 downloaded (I only have a 1700 IOS and a 3600 IOS at the moment) so if anyone can tell me what is best as if I don't have to get a frame relay router I would rather avoid the extra cost and put it towards a 2950 switch or another XM router.

Any other suggestions are welcome!


  • azaghulazaghul Member Posts: 569 ■■■■□□□□□□
    For CCNA you can probably do without the extra 2950 (though more recent is always better), I used 2924's without any problems.

    For frame-relay, GNS should be fine, just had a quick look and 1700 IOS will handle this OK. Just look for "frame-relay switching" for a config walk through to simulate a frame-relay cloud.
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