CIsco 7961 rings after hang up

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hi forum,

i don`t know if i`m right in this section but i just want to ask. ;)

I have a Cisco 7961 Phone which i have used for my voice lab. Now i have installed a SIP load and want to use it with no Call Manager. This worked fine with a SIP Voice Provider. The only problem i have. If i pick not up the phone and the oter side hang up the Cisco phone rings and rings and rings . I have to pick up and hang up.

Could someone help me with this? Or have a similiar problem?

I have registered the cisco phone on a FritzBox 7270. Inbound and Outbound working well only the "after" ring is annoying. ;)

Every tip is welcome. ;)

Thanks and Regards


  • drkatdrkat Posts: 703Banned
    check the sip call capture, is there an extended alerting?
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