Finally Joined CCNA + CEH V7 Courses... :)

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Finally Joined CCNA + CEH V7 Courses... :)

Way for progress in my life....

My long term wish has finally come true...[but not fully yet :)]

Hope so soon i complete my CCNA training and i just can't wait to get in for Hacking classes ... :)

Folks, ... i need ur suggestion here ...As i read in all ur previous posts.. not jus the cert will get u job in security but we also need some considerable yrs of experience on the same....thtz absolutely correct ...

well in that case ...i'm working as a software tester for past 1.5 yrs....will that exp can support me in getting a job as i complete my CEH certification .. ???

Thanks & Regards,


  • beadsbeads Senior Member Member Posts: 1,511 ■■■■■■■■■□

    Software testing will certainly help along with certifications and of course, experience. One thing to focus on with software testing would be finding security flaws and the tools used to find said flaws.

    One other thing that strikes me after reading your post is... well... trying to make sense of your post. From experience I can tell you one thing about security work. As security practitioners we write a great deal of reports. Critical to success in the field is ensuring that you can communicate in a clear and business like manner. Don't ignore your soft skills.

    - beads
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    im on the same path man but i might throw in CCNA Sec before CEH. I know I can get CEH my buddy just got it and I am very sure I can earn it. If you want some fun in the meantime I would suggest you travel over to . You could learn a thing or two... GLHF
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