Passed 70-685 Today

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Scenario galore... That is my major takeaway. I passed exam 680 a few days ago also so now I'm MCITP:EDST. Gonna take exam 686 next week. I'll report back when I do. My passing score today was 780. I passed exam 680 pretty easily with a 850.


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    Congrats! You're really blowing through the courses!
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    Hi Boss Congrat.
    I will take the exam 680 next month any hints or advices
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    Congrats on the pass.
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    Congrats! one question that I want to ask is whats the major difference between Enterprise Desktop Administrator and Enterprise Desktop Support Tech?
    I am currently preparing for MCITP EA and will give my 680 by this month end. My library recently got MCTS 70-686 Self Study Guide recently which I am reading through (I thought it may help as additional reading/ref for 680) looks nice and doable. Any idea's?
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    For you guys studying for exam 680:
    Don't stress too much about it. It is very straightforward if you understand the objectives. I only had four scenario type questions. All but four questions were short form and very easy to comprehend. You definitely need to be very well versed and be able to find the needle in a haystack (of paragraphs) to pass exam 685 or (I assume) 686.
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    Congrats on the pass! icon_cheers.gif
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