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As far as Route summarization goes, does anyone know how far into this topic the ICND2 exam actually tests? As far as I know the CCNA only focuses on single area OSPF, so why would there be a need to summarize at that level?? I'm asking because last time I saw the exam objectives I believe I there was summarization listed on it.. Maybe it was dealing with VLSM?

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    I'd just know how to do it. Nothing complex, but just be able to summarize a simple range of IPs. I don't think it's something they stress HEAVILY at the CCNA level, though, so there's probably a chance you won't get any questions on it.
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    I see. Thanks for the replies!
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    summarizing a bunch of networks might be useful in solving some access list questions
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    When I studied for my CCNA, i did learn how to summarize at the ABR in OSPF and in EIGRP. For your CCNA studies i'd recommend configuring OSPF in two areas and practicing summarizing routes. You won't need to deal with more than two areas in OSPF at CCNA level because anymore than that any things could potentially get into the realm of virtual links or tunnels.

    if you need practice summarizing then wendell odom's website (its actually useful more useful than his books) has some good test questions on there.
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    The CCNA only tests on single area OSPF.
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    Have you done the CCNA exam? As a CCNA candidate need to go above what is needed. You will find on the CCNA exam that they could ask you about O IA, ABRs, and summarization. You won't be able to know this properly unless you configure OSPF between two areas.
    I'm an Xpert at nothing apart from remembering useless information that nobody else cares about.
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