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Hi All,
I am currently studying for the CCNA and right now I have a box set of books that was published by Cisco. The books are a little outdated, as they are for the 607 test. I was wondering what were the items that were added and what were the items that were dropped for the new test. I am sure that this questio has been asked numerous times on this forum but when I did a google search I didn't recieve any relevant results. Another question I have is about VLSM's, are they on the test? Thanks for your help.


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    Two more questions to add to this post. Is Novell IPX on the 801 test. I did not see it in the objectives but maybe I just missed it. And is there a more active forum on the internet that I would see a higher number of CCNA questions be asked,answered?
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    The 640-801 exam does not include IPX, but includes VLSM. There are some other major changes to the exam scope. You can find the 640-801 exam topics in the table of contents of my CCNA study guide.

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