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Please forgive my ignorance but i really have no idea about switches other than the function that they perform, so i have a couple of questions:

(1)If i have a Gb layer 2 switch can i connect a PC with a 10/100 Mb NIC to ones of its ports and it will still function (albeit at half duplex and at a maximum of 100Mb)?

(2)If i have a 10/100Mb switch connected to the port of a Gb switch, would the max speed of the connected segment be 100Mb?

I realise these questions are simple to those who know but i am getting easily confused with these basics!Any resources or links would be much appreciated too if possible

Thanks :D


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    You are saying gigabit, which is correct but it also 1000/100/10Mb/s interface. If you would plug it into 100/10 it will operate at 100 if it's plugged into 10Mb/s port it will operate at 10.
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