4 Million Hotel Rooms can be Hacked with Arduino...

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Black Hat hacker gains access to 4 million hotel rooms with Arduino microcontroller | ExtremeTech
I wish I could say that Brocious spent months on this hack, painstakingly reverse-engineering the Onity lock protocol, but the truth is far more depressing. “With how stupidly simple this is, it wouldn’t surprise me if a thousand other people have found this same vulnerability and sold it to other governments,” says Brocious, in an interview with Forbes. “An intern at the NSA could find this in five minutes.”

I thought you guys would find this interesting from an Info Sec and personal security perspective. Basically, I will never be leaving anything of any value in my hotel room ever again and any personal electronics that contain sensitive information will be taken with me - even if I am just going to get ice from the ice machine.


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