Looking to Take Linux + Exams within the month

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Hello all. Long time lurker of the board. I'm looking to take Linux + within the next month. Ive been studying on an off for about 10 months. I've had a linux + class last year, have been using linux with all different flavors for the past two years. I have 3 linux books and have a practice test app. I consistently score 30%-50% percent on the practice app, but I question if the questions are even real. At this point I feel like I'm ready simply because I've been studying too long

Anyways, Anybody who has passed the test, what did you recall seeing? Anything in particular I should look out for?


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    Anybody who has passed the test, what did you recall seeing? Anything in particular I should look out for?

    Um, I don't think anyone here can help you with that since that will violate the NDA. Your best bet is to keep studying on your weak areas after taking the practice exams. Don't take the practice exams too many time. You will start to memorize the questions and answers, and that's not how studying is done. If you use practice exams similar to Boson, you should be able to see the domains you are weak in.

    If you think you are truly ready, then I don't see the risk of taking the exam asap. The worse case scenario is that you lose $174. Remember, the questions are multiple-choice and select-all-that-apply, which shouldn't be difficult compare to a practical hand-on exam like CCNA and RHCSA. Good luck on your endeavor. I hope you get a pass within the next month.
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    Anything in particular to look out for, you could take a note on the weight of each objective and pay more attention while studying on those objectives with more weight. The "heavier" the objective, the more questions you'll get on that topic.
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    Go through the exam objectives without any notes and see if you can run the commands correctly and say the definitions out loud.
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