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    Congrats on the auth! That's further than most people get.

    On Crowe, although it gives a more structured (to me) approach, the fourth edition was released in 2010 and the newest revision of the exam was Aug 2011. I don't know that it'll make a huge difference, but it's something to be aware of. To me it appears alot of Crowe's presentation was lifted directly from the exam and he almost teaches the test, although his amount of info is not as comprehensive as Rita.

    If it were me, I'd take the exam sooner than later, as these things fade, at least at my age. I'd rather get all spun up into a vortex and take it while I'm at full capacity. I'll probably retake Friday or Monday, and this time rev through it.
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    Well, PMI got UF's memo--I got audited!! PMI hits you with an audit immediately after you pay the exam fee.

    Before people start freaking out, this is not a big deal and thanks to UF this was almost expected. All I have to do is the following:

    Copy of unofficial transcript
    Have my experience signed off by my boss
    Print out all of the official transcripts from Skillsoft

    I will have to call my boss after his meeting and let him know what the deal is...I am planning on getting this bad boy done tomorrow. Even though I have 90 days (but I was expecting this...I just knew....I invisioned UF calling PMI from Afghanistan telling them to look out for an application marked with ERP experience and audit him!) [JOKING!!!! Still it is funny as heck though.]

    I do not regret saving money on PMP exam! $447 looks a lot better than $555!! If I have to pay a little extra for expedited postage, then so be it. Hopefully I can get this in the mail by tomorrow afternoon, if not sooner.
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    Dude check deepfriedbrain. I'm pretty sure I saw some info on what audits are about. I know you want to knock it out, but I suggest you check around a bit just to be sure.
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    I had read up on the PMI audit since UF mentioned them...I just knew that it would apply to me...I blame my negativity. However, when I read up on them, I got the general jist that they were not a big deal if they do happen. This is what I did...

    1) I reviewed my PMI Audit Package. I'm a Category 1 audit (They wanted the college transcript of where I graduated, proof that I completed my 35 Contact Hours, and my boss to sign five of the projects I did [thank God I only stuck with my current employment....if I had mentioned my last job, it would have really been problematic as my supervisors are no longer there...and then dealing with colleagues would have been super problematic...]

    2) Logged on to the WGU portal--printed out unofficial transcript (I have official transcripts, but I'm not wasting that on PMI. They wanted either unofficial or official.)

    3) Printed out ALL 19 PDU certificates of the Skillsoft modules I completed. (the ones that say PMI on them...I posted what they look like earlier in this thread.)

    4) Contacted the boss and told him I really need this done. He reviewed what I wrote and I explained to him that I counted the hours I worked on the projects in question and did not misrepresent myself as a PM (which you do not have to do anyway...PMI only cares that you've worked on projects.) PMI then wants the boss to sign the flap of the envelopes (as if they were sealed official transcripts) and then include the envelopes with the rest of the audited materials. That got done.

    5) Bought a legal size envelope and filled it out with the PMI audit address.

    6) Invoked my inner OCD and made sure that I had everything (also made sure that the forms my boss filled out were checked off and signed right.

    7) Went to the big post office in my area as I remembered that the big ones close late (7PM). Used certified mail and return receipt requested. Post office is telling me that it will arrive by Thursday with either priority or regular mail. I opted for regular mail at that point and will expect it to arrive on Friday.

    8] Will know by next week what the story I've always stated, I fully expect to survive the audit...unless my inner -OCD failed me and there's something missing, but I checked and rechecked. According to PMI, the failed audit jazz goes on a case-by-case basis. Meaning that enough people yelled enough to ensure they didn't get an unfair shake and wait a whole year to reapply (and hence deal with PMP 5th edition...lmao.)

    I will continue my studies in the meantime. (Have to for class anyway...)
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    Sounds like you've got it covered. You'll be good.

    Ya continue studies because you'll need it.
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    well, all i can say is i warned you....

    sucks that you got audited, but as long as you listed each project and what it entailed and how it fit into either the process groups or the knowledge areas and how many hours for each then you should be good to go...

    most of the folks that get audited and fail the audit have failed to do this. too many times folks have simply copied their job descriptions or requirements and put that in the audit package or in the original submission....

    best of luck on the audit and let us know how it turns out... pmzilla is another good source for information on the test (they are mostly from india, but there are a few of us that are from the USA that are on there... lots of lessons learned (both pass and fail)...

    also, once they give you the green light to take the exam get crowe's book and his quick reference guide and then get RITA's book and do yourself a favor and pay for her practice exams (her book comes with a demo copy)... these items are what really helped me... and for the formulas Crowe was much easier to understand than Rita... review my other posts on my lessons learned to see what needs to be memorized and then scribbled on the scratch paper during the 15 minute inro on how to navigate the test (only takes a minute to do the tutorial before the exam and then you dont hit continue and just use the spare time to start dumping your brain of all the formulas, etc...)... some folks have only 1 or 2 questions that you need to use the calculator, i had over a dozen! these were crazy questions that i actually enjoyed, because i KNEW the answers where right and didn't have to worry about coming back to review them...
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    I just started looking at formulas and I was going into Charlie Brown's teacher-land (waa-waa-wa-wa)...lmao! (Specifally FV, and then PV and interest...)

    I'm will order both of those items today, @universalfrost, and incorporate them into the plan. Either tonight or tomorrow (most likely tonight) I have to read the PMBOK guide for class on human resource management (Chapter 9) because our third week of class she's gonna assign us into teams. Unlike last semester, I am going to try to negotiate into being a team-leader/project manager. I have to see if that role will be perpetual OR if we all will have a run in being a team lead. If it's the former, then I want that person to be me. If it's the latter, then I will be more assertive in making sure that things are done right (while being polite and not a d--k...) The last time I worked in a team in class setting was fine, but I got a B with the group and there were a lot of lessons learned that I took away from that experience...something I will impart in my future group work.

    BTW, I not only reviewed your posts, but I did check out the Crowe kit you had sold...I'm probably just gonna go with the book...I really don't want to throw so much money into passing PMP. Don't mind the time, but definitely the money. :) I will be living in pmzilla as well and I don't care where in the world they are...(as long as they are ethical and successful, which I would like to think they are.) I will let you know whether or not I was successful or not in the audit (though I will not accept a failed audit...them folks at PMI will take what erpadmin gave them and like it...lmao!). The latest I'll find out will be either next Friday, or that following Monday (9/10.) In other words, if they try to give me a failed audit, I will appeal both loudly and expeditiously. I seriously doubt it will come to that though, but I enjoy a good fight. :)
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    They are our friends. You'll be OK.

    I thought you'd already been through Cost Management. Rest assured, it is one of the three major deals in this whole ball of wax. You should memorize at least the first 5 or so formulas, and the meaning of EV, AC, PV, BAC, etc. (I was going to say more, but that's giving away a bit of the exam) Take a little time off now, but get ready to rev up for Cost Management. Time Management is another of the Big Three. And I'm so tired I don't remember the other one.

    Crowe has a key card in the back cover with a key number to get into locked parts of his website. Make sure you get that.

    I've just scheduled my (next) exam on Wednesday next week. I could have scheduled this Friday at 17:00 (no way) or next Wed at the earliest. 8:00 is fine as I am sharpest in the morning. More agony studying and waiting tho...

    Well I got not one, but two turndown letters for employment at the city's biggest law firm today; one for their Project Manager position, and the other for President & CEO, Perkins Coie Trust Company, LOL. That didn't take them long... 'bout a day. Parrty Time. UF says "aim small miss small", but I guess I've always done the opposite...

    Looks like we've lost Powerfool and Cap.
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    Project+ covered a good deal of those formulas, but I really did not get too much in depth with them...I am probably going to do what I did last time...memorize the crap out of the formulas, and write them down as I receive the paper from Prometric. I looked at both Crowe's and Rita's respective books at the local B&N and I will be buying them from Amazon (new...) Amazon practically has them as half off (B&N deserves its financial fate, but that's another story....lmao one that I wrote about a couple of years ago here...lmao.) I think what I'm gonna do tonight is read chapter 9 of the PMBOK for class...and prior to that, pull the trigger on getting Rita and Crowe. I got good sleep last night so I'm ready for it.

    I don't knock you for your lofty aspirations. I plan on gunning for an associate director-ship somewhere. One thing I have going for me is that my current salary is not that far off from one, so I would be willing to take a nil to minimal raise for a shot at that title. I've lead teams in a limited capacity...I'm just trying to remove the limit and I believe a PMP and graduate degree will get me there. In your case, I would probably gun for a consulting gig. There are a lot of PM gigs that may afford you a lot of traveling opportunities. Speaking as someone in my thirties, I'm not trying to do all of that, but I will travel just about anywhere for the right opportunity.
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    Looks like you're doing great. I agree, PMP + graduate will definitely get you where you want to be.

    Best Buy and B&N are just ways to shop Amazon. I'd be shocked if they made it through the decade.
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    ptilsen wrote: »
    Best Buy and B&N are just ways to shop Amazon. I'd be shocked if they made it through the decade.

    LMAO...I sent you a PM but I thought I'd share this with everyone else...

    In addition, the one thing I did was use Amazon Price Check (nice Android app and scanned both Rita's book and Crowe.)

    One thing I do hate about Rita's book is her print is tiny...however, after visiting the pmzilla site, I can see why Rita is like a Goddess and I can ignore that minor quirk if it means I'm gonna be a PMP. One thing I did read in her book was that Rita had stopped being involved with the writing of her own books a good while ago. What she did was leave her company a template which some other lady (forgot who, but when I get the book I can tell you, unless Q or UF want to chime in) took over the reins.
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    I did it! I bought (with the same phone I used to do a price check) Rita, Crowe and Crowe's $15 dollar quick reference guide. I should have both by the 31st (around the same time PMI gets their audit materials...) $130....hopefully it will be worth it.

    Now to get to PMBOKing for my class....wanna get chapter 9 over with. LOL.
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    yeah , i would not buy the entire Crowe kit again if i had to do it over. Simply Rita book, rita practice exams, Crowe book (comes with access to his website and practice exams, but didnt find the site helpful) and Crowe quick reference card..

    i actually regret selling the crowe kit, because i really like his book and quick ref card.. i still have the rita book (scribbled all over it) , but I will be getting crowes book and quick ref card again (probably wait for when he releases new book based on the new pmbok 5th ed ...

    once you do pass make sure to keep up with PMism's ... i know after i finished the exam my brain was fried and was mush, now that it has been 1.5 months I cant even remember some of the areas, so i have already started to look at some of the PM webcasts (plus they give you PDU's towards maintaining your PMP) so as not to completely do a brain drain... also, i have been looking at jobs lately and many want MS Proj 2010 experiecene (I have only dealt with 03 and 07), so my next step (after CISSP) is to get my MS Proj 2010 70-178 cert (what better way to show you have Proj 2010 experience than with a cert!) .....

    best of luck to you guys! i know it was a relief when i got the congrats screen!
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    since you are forced to use the PMBOK, you need to memorize pg 43.... you can browse over RITA's ideas on the processes, but pg 43 of the PMBOK is much easier to memorize... that would be the only helpful part of PMBOK.... (that stupid memorization game from RITA drove me nuts and I couldn't do it!! actually got my thinking messed up for awhile due to that stupid game)...icon_evil.gif

    also, rita and crowe go beyond what is in the PMBOK and mention areas that are on the test, but not in the PMBOK...
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    also, i have been looking at jobs lately and many want MS Proj 2010 experiecene (I have only dealt with 03 and 07), so my next step (after CISSP) is to get my MS Proj 2010 70-178 cert (what better way to show you have Proj 2010 experience than with a cert!)

    Now it's my turn to give you I plan on doing this.

    I know you have access to Skillsoft.....(I know, I know, but stay with me now.) Skillsoft has 14 1 hour modules that "teach" Project 2010. I plan on doing this well after I get my congrats screen...I don't have to spend any money because I have 2010 from both work and Technet. In this case, something is better than nothing and while I'm no lover of the SkillSoft modules, I can at the very least supplement this with a book from Books 24x7...but it will at least get you familiarity.

    In your case, it cannot hurt, just help. I haven't looked at them myself, but I plan on it after my PMP studies are over with.

    Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning Project

    Introduction to Project Management using Project 2010

    Introduction to Project 2010

    Initializing a Project with Project 2010

    Defining Project Properties in Project 2010

    Building a Schedule with Project 2010

    Creating Resources in Project 2010

    Managing Resource Assignments with Project 2010

    Monitoring Schedule Performance with Project 2010

    Communicating Project Information with Project 2010

    Microsoft Office 2010: Advanced Project

    Advanced Customizing with Project 2010

    Advanced Tools for Managing Multiple Projects with Project 2010

    Advanced Resource Management with Project 2010

    Advanced Scheduling Management with Project 2010

    Advanced Reporting and Management Tools in Project 2010


    since you are forced to use the PMBOK, you need to memorize pg 43.... you can browse over RITA's ideas on the processes, but pg 43 of the PMBOK is much easier to memorize... that would be the only helpful part of PMBOK....

    Man, I got that page printed out and near my printer. I look at it every night before bed, as if it were prayer (ok maybe not like prayer, but you know what I I also have the processes and process groups grouped by Knowledge Area in a slightly different way than pg 43 of PMBOK. I'm gonna know them by a couple weeks time....
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    My PMP application audit materials have been received. (Got the email at 1:11PM.)

    I guess it helped that I sent that stuff certified mail/return receipt requested. Was worth it to ensure that PMI would get started on this right away. I should know by next Friday at the latest what my status is. Hopefully I'll be out of the woods soon. :)
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    I have successfully completed PMI's audit process for the PMP credential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well now you have a bonafide TE member (not the first and hopefully not the last) that has gone through a mentally trying process (one that I was prepared for thanks to universalfrost!) I did not expect to receive such news so quickly, but I think what helped was that I sent the stuff via certified mail and return receipt requested to show PMI that I was not kidding!!

    Now that I have the greenlight, UF, I plan on stepping on the gas and be chased by cops until I pass the PMP exam. I'm gonna hit the PMBOK hard now as well as the chapter in Heldman's book that was getting me all "waa-waa-wa-wa" until that becomes English that I can understand.

    For anyone else that is afraid of the audit, just read my post on the subject:

    I can only imagine the post I write when I do in fact pass the PMP itself! LMAO!!!!!
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    Congratulations man.

    I told ya! But you didn't believe me did ya...
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    Believing you, not believing you wasn't the issue...what I hate was the waiting. I knew I would beat the audit! But even when you know, there is always some other BS one might not have accounted for.

    What I liked though....was that I showed that you can be a student member of PMI AND take the exam at a sweet discount. Yeah there was a little pain, but in the end it was worth it. :D
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    now that you have the green light study hard!

    that was what i was trying to get at in the beginning, as to not studying a lot until you get the go ahead, that way you would not be distracted by any audit process if you did get audited...

    now stop reading TE and hit the books!
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    How's this for dedication: 9/1 was my know what I did? Read PMBOK, watch a movie and did a whole lot of searching on PM study plans (pmzilla, linkedin via the official PMI group, deepfriedbrain....)

    I needed to better structure my study while I wait for my Andy and Rita materials. So I made the decision to invest in the PM Prepcast. After reading how Cornelius doesn't put people to sleep, and his Swiss accent being very understandable, I decided to fork the $120 and see how it goes. What did it for me was the risk-free money back guarantee after 90 days. It was either that, or back to Skillsoft. (I will tell you this much, if I had to take SkillSoft seriously, I would jump off a cliff...especially when the lady instructor was talking. The guy instructor wasn't terrible.)

    This time, unlike my SkillSoft adventures, with this I am writing stuff down...and I'm forcing myself to deal with a morning schedule. I'm just keeping myself busy until Rita and Andy come to the rescue, then I will start reading. Amazon screwed me (and I'm a Prime customer.) I was told I'd have the books and QRG by this Friday, and instead it is isn't showing up until next week. I wanted to cancel, but I said screw it; I'll just wait. At least I got a $5 promo credit for MP3s.

    Hopefully, I can start making sense out of the stuff that wasn't making sense before. In no way would I bet the house with just the videos, but I was kept awake, and I am handwriting my notes (old school.) I want to make sure I retain as much of the concepts as possible.

    As I've always stated since I became a member here...I'd rather over prepare than not.
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    Have you booked the exam dates?
    I first chalked my study plan. It was for about 80 days and 10 days buffer (90 Days) with maximum number of days for Rita( it has lot of theory) (approx 40 days). Than about 20 days for Andy (it talks about ITTO and Explanation on Formulas). The last 20 days I used the key from Andy's book ( training videos) and Rita's PM Fastrack. I also tried Skillport and Prepcast. You are right,Prepcast is anytime better than Skillport.
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    Timone, as a matter of fact, I did book the exam date a few minutes ago.

    D-Day is October 27, 2012. Between the Project+ I obtained a little under 2 years ago, the bullcrap Skillport courses I zipped through just to get the 35 hours, reading a few chapters of the PMBOK (which I plan on completing for PMP by the end of the month), the PM Prepcast, and Rita and Andy, I am hoping for the best at this point.

    I plan on working through the ITTOs to understand them....if I can memorize them, great, but I'm hoping that the understanding will be enough.
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    I am rather overloaded at this point. I've finished reading Crowe, and today will take the book exam. I'm a bit concerned that I'm near buffer overflow point, and will probably take the rest of the day off. Don't want to overstudy. (But of course not understudy either) Then Monday will key into Crowe's website for hopefully some videos and exams.
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    So far today, I just went through Cornelius' (PM Prepcast) Enterprise Environmental Factors episode. Since enterprise environment factors and organizational process assets are two inputs that are covered in my PM class heavily (my professor stated that these are the two that are important for that A) I spent a good time immersing myself in this episode. I am so glad that I did, because it forced me to listen and write all 9 Knowledge Areas, and all 42 of the processes within them (Page 43 of PMBOK.) As an added bonus to myself, I not only wrote which processes have EEFs invovled (and which ones don't...) I wrote which process group the processes belong to and then noted such on my print out of page 43.

    e.g. Quality Management
    Plan Quality -> EEF (P)
    Perform Quality Assurance -> No EEF (E)
    Perform Quality Control -> No EEF (M & C)

    That was done by memory! :)

    Also, I'm also going through the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct so that I can take a break from writing. As a state employee, I'm obligated to conduct myself in a ethical manner, and after reading those six pages, much of that is just common sense. However, I get that I have to know the values of the code (responsibility, respect, fairness and honesty) and that I have to know the aspirational and manadatory behaviors.

    Since this is on the PMP (and I'd imagine CAPM) and with knowledge that the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct PDF is practically hidden, here is the direct link to it:

    We're moving...and it's good. :)
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    Yes Crowe lazily reprints it in his chapter on Professional Responsibility.

    BTW the chapter exam for that is quite amusing.
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    I take it you did not schedule your exam today? (Not sure if test centers are open on Labor day...) If you did have a test today (it's Monday on the East Coast), I'd be in bed. I plan on sleepin' very early on the 26th of October. :)
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    Last week I scheduled it for this Wed. Fiddling with upgrading the (hackers) OS on my Android phone yesterday, the day when I'm least likely to get calls, so didn't get the the Crowe exam. Will do it today, then some videos.
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    My new PMP materials (Mulcahy, & Crowe books plus Crowe's QRG) came in yesterday while I was at work. Since they arrived earlier than antipcipated, I have started reading Rita first. I'm going to read a chapter a day (started today, finished chapter 1) and ensure I continue getting up in the morning early so that I can do this before work. This week my evenings are kind of booked (I have to write a discussion piece for one of my other classes and I have a chat session with my PM Professor tomorrow evening.) The early morning is pretty much the only time I have to put in proper PMP studytime (normally, these activities could have been done in the evening but right now it's not possible.) Assuming I can read the Rita book once by end of next week, I will immediately read Crowe's book so I can get started on his tests. By the time I'm done with him, I can use his card behind the book (I bought my book new) so that I can utilize his online PMP prep demo.

    After I'm done with Rita's book, I plan on taking the PMP practice exams I found on PMZILLA on a Saturday...I will do them over the weekend when my mind is more fresh (there is no way I would have taken this exam for real after work, or taken a half day....only way I could deal with this exam [pass or fail] would be on a Saturday.) I have made an executive decision to take no more than three full practice exam outside of Crowe's offerings. (Three is my lucky number, and any more than that, IMO would be overkill.)

    So now I have a firm plan of attack of passing the PMP. Any items I'm not 100% sure of, I'll utilize PM Prepcast. But now that I have my books, I'm going to focus my energies on those.

    By the way...those PMI-isms in reading Rita's book are worth the read. Much of them made sense....others do warrant discussion, but that can wait.
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    Absolutely, setting a quota is the way to go. After I flunked the exam I was crushed, and could hardly bring myself to read Crowe. But when I found that he actually answered alot of questions that Rita never addressed, I set a quota of 100 pages of Crowe a day. That got me through it. Then again, I'm unemployed ATM.

    I believe it might be best to start with Crowe and then Rita, but I can't be sure. Crowe is more elaborated-outline-style, and Rita is more fuzzy/complicated/second derivative to me. Rita absolutely got the process and knowledge areas in order for me though, once I all but memorized her darned chart.
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