One of the last CCIP's

DPGDPG Member Posts: 780 ■■■■■□□□□□
I finally took the QOS 642-642 exam today and passed with a decent score which completes my CCIP certification.

The exam was harder than I thought. The sims, simlets, and testlets were fair. I didn't care too much for the drag and drops or multiple choice with multiple answer questions. There were a few questions about technologies that I hadn't even heard of. The material is definitely dated.

It was very difficult studying for this exam due to the fact that QoS isn't very interesting to me. I used the CBT Nuggets, skimmed some of the Cisco voice books, and did some basic MQC labs in GNS3 with Virtualbox VM's.

This is probably it for me as far as Cisco certs for the next year or so. I am going to work on my BS at WGU and probably grab some Citrix certs as well. I know that I ultimately want to pursue the CCIE in the future, but I need a break from Cisco for now.


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