Passed N+ , Descibing my methods and Mindset.

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Hey everyone, i know i am in the presence of some of the worlds most intelligent people on this website and i am glad to have a user account here. So thank you for having me. This is my first post (i just made an account). I have been scanning the forums for the past 4 days or so in preparation for my network plus exam and i figure i will try and explain how i passed to best help others because i feel i have been helped from this site.

So anyway, here is my story of preparation and success, so if you are reading this in hopes of finding some sense of calm in order to take the test confidently, read on.

I am not going to go into a lot of detail, but i will mention a few things.

I used Meyers All in one Network plus book to study, along with other sources such as websites like this one, Wikipedia, proprofs, ect.. I read Meyers' book front to back at a rate of about 15-25 pages per day, however i took a month break in the middle of the book because i moved to Florida from jersey and needed the time to re-stabilize. so i guess it should have taken me about a month to two months.
I would like to say that i read this book in multiple stages: First i read the book in order to get a holistic view of network technology and worldly infrastructure, concepts and such, ect... After reading the book a whole time through i took a couple practice tests and failed them all. I then went back through the book and pinpointed things that i knew i should have memorized the first time i read them but did not. I went through the book with a fine toothed comb and memorized most of the stuff such as port numbers and cable names. I note that i did not so much as read the book a second time as i simply extracted key points and vital data. The first time i read the book i simple put a bookmark in my head about things that i should remember and reinforce in the future.

In conclusion, I recommend reading a book all the way through and not worrying about necessarily repetitively studying it while your reading. But only after you have completed a first read through. It took me about 4 days to study through after the reading. I do admit that i should have studied more but i was so sick of reading about networking i was ready to scream icon_twisted.gif. push through as much as you can, as long as you can. ( i have no real experience in networking or really any IT jobs)

i did not think i was going to pass when i took the test, i did not memorize anything is EXTREME detail, but a decent memorization of specifics was enough.

i don't usually like saying my grade, but it is a lucky number so i will tell; 777

*Edit- i am now trying to tackle CE|H and Security +.


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