MTA opportunities??

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Hello all i know theres probably 100 threads about this but i just want some help/advice.

I have my Net+
I have a certificate from Lincoln Tech(I know it sucks lol)
I am working doing application support(not helping me learn crap about computers which blows)

My ultimate question is will these exams open up more job opportunities? I know i don't have a college degree but i still know a lot about computers, my ultimate goal is to become a network admin. will these help me get to where I want to go? I am only 20 and I have thought about going back to school for an associate and/or bachelors in computer science but still on the fence about it.

Thank you for your assistance


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    There was a thread somewhere started by someone with like 10 very entry-level certifications. He complained that he couldn't get any jobs except helpdesk positions.
    Start with Network+ if you don't have any experience (knowing "a lot about computers" isn't experience), or CCNA. Then learn about server operating systems.
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    I dont mind working at a help desk but im workin at one that im not learning how to trouble shoot pcs its far from it, thats what i want to get into so i can eventually get to network admin
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    monorion, skip the MTA's and do the A+ if you want to learn to troubleshoot pc's. Afterwards, you should go for something like the CCENT/CCNA or MCTS/MCSA. If you plan to get into WGU, get Security+ as well.
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    I wondered about the MTAs myself. I have the CompTIA A+ (Lifetime). I wanted to get my Net+ before they dropped lifetime Certifications, but the cost was just too high and CompTIA [unlike Microsoft] wasn't offering a student discount. I had thought that the MTAs might make a cheaper alternative to Net+ and Security+. But, I don't know if they carry the weight [with employers] of the CompTIA certs they are copying.
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    MTA carries no weight with employers, and will certainly not enhance value over the CompTIA trio. Most of us on the forums recommend against even looking at the MTA. They are less-than-entry-level and have no professional value.
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