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Can you effectivly study for CCNA- CCNA Security with GNS3? I saw that there are limited supported devices, and I didnt see ASA in the list. Does it support CCP?

Well, I just found out that GNS3 doesnt support switches. (I know the functionality is there, but I really prefer the simulation.) I'll keep the question open for the knowledge of others but its unlikely i'll use it.


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    For CCNA Security GNS3 can do everything you need.

    For CCP you can use 7200 series images and they work great with CCP.

    GNS3 easily supports the ASA 8.4.

    For certificate enrollment though SCEP and just a management base for CCP you can use VirtualBox VMs with GNS3.
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    I was looking to work up to CCNA Security, and GNS3 doesnt support switching, a major portion of the CCENT/CCNA. I'm still wrestling with either throwing down extra money to attend a course, or simply take the hit and buy a full fledged CCNA Security lab.
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    GNS3 is great for studying. You'll most likely want to get physical with switches as like you've said, it's not possible to emulate the terminal.

    As far as the ASA... Eh. I'm still cautious about it. It's been a problematic thing for GNS3 in the past. It's said this emulation has been improved - but by how much? I'd still buy one due to my fear of fighting the program.

    Not to mention the side benefits of having the physical pieces... like seeing the lights blink, troubleshooting L1 issues,...
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    GNS3 has been working well for me so far. Using 7200s for the routers and 3750s with a switch module for switches (though I haven't worked my way up to labbing L2 security, so far I'm only at AAA with RADIUS). Ran into some issues using 2600 routers, and 7200s were the collective internet's recommended devices.

    I've got a small lab.local domain running between GNS3 and some VMs (2012, XP), with CCP running on XP, tftpd syslog on 2012.

    Can't comment on the ASA emulation as I haven't gotten that far in my studies. The switch module on the 3750's handled everything I threw at them when I was studying for my CCNA, though the port channels crapped out every time I restarted GNS3.
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    With the exception of switches, which I haven't tried yet on GNS3, it handles everything else great, I managed to setup the topology with VMs for clients, a 7200 router for CCP and an ASA firewall between the router and an ACS server and win 2008 server. I managed to practice every topic on it, except for switch security.

    Good luck
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