Does a missed exam count as a try?

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Hello everyone. I've lurked her for months, but now decided to join this merry band.

Simple question here from a fellow tech. My job requires the MS 70-680 Windows 7 cert. I have paid for the test five times, but only taken it four times. My first attempt I missed the exam and went the next day, only to discover I was wrong. Microsoft allows five tries before you must beg them for another shot. So, as the subject says, have I used up my five tries, or does my stupidity on test one not count as taking the exam?

Thanks for the info.


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    I don't know about that, interesting question. Typically if you login to your testing center's website it will indicate 'pass' or 'fail' under your history there. That's how it works for VUE and ProMetric, at least. I would look there.
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    The way I see it, you have four FAILs and one NO-SHOW.

    Happened to me too. I rescheduled an exam and forgot to put the new date in my calendar. $150 down the drain...
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    It says four tries and one no-show. I was going to try and call Microsoft, since I don't have access to "chat" during work. But I couldn't find a number. I did lose out on the money, but i'm fine with that. I just need to know if I have to contact MS for my sixth try, or if i'm still on number four.
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    Cool. Sounds like you're in the clear to me, good luck.
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