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I know you've been fairly busy but when will you have another TechNote for the CCNP section?



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    Well, I got this white board above my desk that says: "OSPF TechNotes!!", I finished the outline for that one already, 'just' need to fill in the pieces.. I plan to write at least the OSPF and IS-IS TechNote before the end of this month and perhaps the one that covers routing basics and distance vector vs link-state as well as some RIP and IGRP info. I'll save BGP for later... icon_wink.gif

    But... I might take a last-minute trip to a sunny place somewhere this month so as usually plans might change. I'm really going to try to get the OSPF one done though, and that's an important part of the exam...

    Only if the Cisco equipment was so affordable in my country as on I actually owned two routers (1605 and 2501) but I've sold these...

    without a lab it takes some extra time and effort to check if what I'm writing also works in practice... many options you may need to know for the exam I never tried in a real-life lab, especially IS-IS and BGP, although I doubt many of the authors of BSCI books ever configured IS-IS in a network ;)

    Thanks for the interest in the CCNP notes, nice to know they're appreciated.

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    Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing the new technotes, but don't sacrifice your time too much. Summer is almost over ;)
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