Passed switch this morning, but...

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So I passed switch this morning (yay) but I was surprised to see a score of 803. When I got the printout, my section scores were 100, 100, 92, 72, and a 0! How the heck do you get a zero?! I'm sure I did well on all the sims and I didn't skip any questions. Do you think its possible for cisco or pearson vue to look that up and see why I got a zero?

Anyway, I actually like that material alot so I'm going to re-read the bcmsn book again and do more labs.


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    You probably had a single (or very few) questions in a section and you got it wrong. I doubt they will tell you anything further than that but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.

    On a similar note this is why I like the Juniper score report. It shows you the amount of questions per section and how many you got correct.

    Oh and congrats!
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    P.S. I also got 0% in wireless section of the CCNA exam, because there was only one (and very weird) question about wireless technologies on the exam.
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    Congrats on passing Switch!
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    I've already started studying for Route. Do you guys consider it more difficult than switch?
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    I haven't taken it yet, but the studies are pretty nice for it I think. I was under the impression that SWITCH has some concepts that come from ROUTE, so that will be easier for you.
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    Route has a lot more details than switch does. It is quite a bit more difficult because of that reason alone. The Switch test has less details but is a more tricky exam, hopefully that helps :)
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    I agree with the others' ideas on this; it probably was a small section consisting of a very few questions and you unfortunately
    missed them icon_sad.gif

    But don't worry be happy! You have switch done! Congrats and good luck with the others!
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