I need a script to silently and remotely uninstall all versions of java

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Hi All,

I need a script to silently and remotely uninstall all versions of java. I Have tried google but can't find anything that works. Anyone have one to hand?

This is for Windows Xp 34\64 and Windows 7 32\64



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    Why all the hate?

    We must love the Java :)
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    What tools are at your disposal? Group Policy? SCCM or a similar management tool? Or do you need to push it out to PCs on the network or named in a list another way, ie psexec or WMI?

    I recently had to deploy specific versions of Java in SCCM, and I recall all the command-line arguments being documented on the web site. The scripting itself is fairly trivial. I do have a script or two that can be adapted for this purpose.

    In a tightly controlled environment with no identified business need for Java, I can completely see blocking it. I consider Java to be easily a top 5 attack vector on workstations -- not #1 only because it is enabled by web browsers. In most environments, though, people need Java for some sites and web applications and disabling it is not feasible.
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    Group Policy and LANDesk. Thank you for your replies! They have now decided not to remove the old version of Java.
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    Well damn, and here I even wrote up a little PowerShell script for you:
    $computers = Get-Content "C:\temp\computers.txt"
    ForEach-Object ( $computer in $computers ) {
        $java = Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $computer Win32_Product | WHERE { $_.name -like "J2SE Runtime Environment*" }

    Just toss the list of computers, one name on each line, in the computers.txt file and you're good to go. Ah well, maybe you can use it in the future.

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    I think you can script this tool:

    JavaRa | SingularLabs
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