System Center 2012 SP1 Released

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They are calling it "Cloud OS" or some such nonsense. Anyway, what is important to us is that it now supports Hyper-V 2012 and vSphere 5/5.1 which is something we have been waiting for ever since Server 2012 went RTM. The upgrade path is dumb, you have to remove SCVMM 2012 completely and install SCVMM 2012 SP1 and re-attach the configuration database.


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    Good to know! That upgrade path is seriously dumb, why wouldnt you want your users to just double-click the SP1 installer and get it over and done with. O well...
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  • it_consultantit_consultant Member Posts: 1,903
    Especially considering 2012 was just released in April, in that amount of time the code should not have been changed that much -- I will be upgrading mine shortly, hopefully it goes smoothly.
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    Yeah, the upgrade path of VMM is crazy since SCVMM 2012 SP1 will ONLY run on a Server 2012 host, nothing else. You have to migrate the DB and recreate the Library.

    There is also a specific upgrade path if you are using more than 1 System Center product. Orchestrator has to be first, and you also have to re-import all the Integration Packs.

    Some great new features (and fixes) with SP1. SCCM now supports deploying Android and iOS apps as well as from the market/app store. Can manage Macs and *nix natively, no longer requiring third party tools (which give added features if needed).
  • it_consultantit_consultant Member Posts: 1,903
    I just realized how full of fail SP1 is visa vi the Server 2012 requirement. Now I am trying to restore my VMM 2012 (non SP1) guest from backup. We actually have Server 2012 licenses so I could stand one up...
  • JBrownJBrown Member Posts: 308
    Do you guys use SC Ops Manager ? HOw do you like it? I am looking for some client and server management applications to collect and archive logs, consolidate logs in one place for auditing, health checks, collect system data for reporting. Our environment is about 3k in workstations and 100 plus servers -some virtualized some not.
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