7 DAYS........ Until Network+ Exam!! Advice/Experience

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I have my A+ and when I took those exams and using Transcender exams, I found Transcender harder then A+, however I don't want to assume that with Network+. I feel confident with the material since my school has covered material advanced as CCNP with HSRP and VRRP. Does anyone else agree that Transcender Network+ exams are harder then actual exam itself? Also, are Transcender exams just generally harder then any certification exam they offer material for? Also, I saw the demo that CompTIA did with performance passed questions so my question (if you can possibly answer without breaking NDA), the demo showed CLI question so are all performance based questions CLI based? Sorry for constant questions.


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    I took and passed the net plus two weeks ago

    I had no performance based questions

    I ran through the test pretty fast

    I flagged around 30 to review becouse to be honest I just wasnt sure on some of them
    Once I "fixed" those, I started from one and went through as many of the non flagged questions
    I was surprised I had answered two of those wrong, fixed them
    You have to really read the questions, even the easy ones to make sure you understand what they want

    I didnt use transcender so cant help you there

    The test did seem to focus on fiber optics, nothing on copper that I can remember
    But the test you take may be different than the one I took, I think they rotate them
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