CCNA question score weights

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Anyone have an idea how much 1 simulation for a 50 question CCNA exam is worth?
The scale is 300 to 1000.


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    Nobody knows except for Cisco. Best to try getting them all right rather than get hung up on how much each question is worth.
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  • JasonITJasonIT Member Posts: 114
    I think each sim is weighted depending on how you do on it. If you get some of the sim correct, but miss one step, you should get some credit. This is of course my opinion.

    Also, don't forget to copy run start each sim when finished!

  • richypcrichypc Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Reason I ask is I had one sim I wasted 20 mins on it trying to get the damn thing to work, I took a complete hit on it by just pressing next. I want to get an idea how much it tanked my score. All I could end up doing was filling out the remark tab commenting on the issue and what commands I would have inputted to resolve the issue for that sim.

    I had a similar issue with N+ exam, an entire sim did not work all I could do was press next, but I still did good enough to pass overall the fact that there were around 80 or so questions in total helped soften the blow.

    It's complete bs having to deal with this. These sims tend to be buggy and hellishly cumbersome.
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    Please do not break the NDA you agreed to with Cisco by revealing what is on the exam.

    As stated no one can tell you the questions weighting.
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