Chris Bryant Ebook success for CCENT

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I was wondering if anyone has had success with the Chris Bryant Ebook for CCENT. I plan on using it along with CBT Nuggets, Packet Tracer and the Boson Exam Maxx tests. I was just wondering because I like the way its laid out. Seems to be clear, concise and to the point.


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    I used the CCENT book and thought it was awesome and explains the concepts a lot better the Odom's ICND 1 book. The actual book also comes with the ebook on disc just in case you didn't know. I also use his CCNA book for ICND 2 as a supplement to Odom's very detailed ICND 2 book. I bounce back and forth on concepts I don't understand between the two books since each one explains it a bit different.
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    Is this:
    Cisco CCENT Certification Exam Training 640-822 Study Guides

    the book in question (the one for $9.99)? I also thought about buying it but didn't get it yet as I couldn't believe it's very useful it being only $9.99.

    I just did my first practice exam and am about to start my second round in studying and read the Odom book again. If the book in question actually is decent, I would like to use it as a supplement to Odom's book.
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    Thanks so much, yea I had a friend tell me about it. I had all kinds of stuff to study with and he looked at me, shook his head and said just to get Chris Bryants book. He used it for ICND1 and ICND2 along with Packet Tracer and the boson exam maxx test. I could not believe the price and you get so much extra stuff with it too.
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    Chris Bryants material is a great read. Its not too technical that you don't understand it. Its an easy and informative read. I read his material took down notes summing it up in my own words and watched cbt nuggets. Chris Bryants video would put me to sleep. Watching and reading those things along with creating flashcards got me more then ready for the exams.
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    also wanted to add that Chris Bryants course on CCNA (ICND 1 and 2) on is excellent and comes with the Ebook. The price for the videos and book is $40 and you get lifetime access to it.
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    Yea I just purchased his videos too. Its a good site with pretty much everything you need up there. Real nice guy to. Answers whatever questions you have via email pretty quick.
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