25% default reservation in qos

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Reading this it says:
The sum of all bandwidth allocation on an interface cannot exceed 75 percent of the total available interface bandwidth. The remaining 25 percent is used for other overhead, including Layer 2 overhead, routing traffic, and best-effort traffic. Bandwidth for the CBWFQ class-default class, for instance, is taken from the remaining 25 percent. However, under aggressive circumstances in which you want to configure more than 75 percent of the interface bandwidth to classes, you can override the 75 percent maximum sum allocated to all classes or flows using the max-reserved-bandwidth command. If you want to override the default 75 percent, exercise caution and ensure that you allow enough remaining bandwidth to support best-effort and control traffic, and Layer 2 overhead.

So if I do not configure max-reserved-bandwidth and let the router reserve the default 25%, should I not include the following in my policy-map for basic congestion management?

class-map match-any CRITICAL_DATA
match dscp cs2
match dscp cs6
match dscp af21
match dscp af22
match dscp af23

I got these values from running the qos wizard in ccp, they fall under the routing and transactional classes.


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