What is happening in mexico with certifications :S

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Since i decided to study for a certification i focused 2 things: confidence and salary. Unfortunely, only one thing became true ( confidence ) . Here where i live, far away from increase salary most of the job posts refere as a "complete it solution, from hardware to networks". The certification is not part of the resume and this has no impact on salary.

I just wonder, ¿how long this will continue happening in the new IT companies?. Mexico is a great land but, certifications ( at my own experience) have earn me a lot of enemies. :S

I like to study and i will continue studying for my next cert and to finish my master degree in information technology. But he question is ¿where too seek, where to find, where to look? :S

Any comment will be apreciated


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    Could you be a bit more specific? Mexico is a BIG country, like the US with sub-cultures...

    I am using what gorilla weight I got to make the ETA-I a real force in MX, starting in TJ. I'm starting there because it is a border town and easy for me to continue with my US dealings with a 7 minute walk from my office.

    I do not understand your statement that getting blessed has made for bad blood.

    Are you down in Mexico City? TJ is a lot like AK or HI. While they are both technically US states, the feelings about "you lower 48'ers or "mainlanders" seems to carry over to the MX culture about TJ too...
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