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I find myself doing a bunch of F5 work lately. One of the advanced features is writing iRules. In addition, it is always desirable as a network engineer to use TCL, and Expect, to write scripts to automate my job. So, I have done some searching on the web looking for a TCL course. I found books, and some videos for TCL but, no courses. Do anyone know of a place that offers a TCL class? I don't care if it is a pre-recorded video (as long as it high quality), an on-line course from a company, or a community college. Just something that has quality content that will get my feet wet.
Thanks in advance for the help. Good day.



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    Nutsy, most people learn TCL from the plentiful books and tutorials online, such as this one--

    Tcl Tutorial

    I'm not aware of any courses. I could create an impromptu one, though. Curriculum: Read and practice seven of the above lessons per day for seven days. At the end of this course you will know the TCL language! ;)

    Seriously, though, the above is good as far as tutorials go.
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    As far as the expect extensions, most companies either have a framework team to write wrappers around them, or they buy off-the-shelf wrappers. I'd focus more on the TCL core and how your wrappers work than on those extensions.
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    Thanks for the link.
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