CCENT/CCNA in 4 months

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I have worked 14 years in IT as a computer operator (yes they still exist), I learned in December that my company lost our contract to a competitor, so I've made certifications goals to bulk up the resume a bit, I thought A+ and Network+ were relatively easy and straight forward, but now judging by what most of you say I am going to start going for the 'real' certifications, CCENT/CCNA. I'm about 2 chapters into the Lammle CCENT book and so far its mostly review from Network+, I have subnetting in my head down for the most part but have room for improvement. My biggest knowledge gap right now is IOS commands, so that will be all new to me, but I am very used to working with UNIX command line in my job. My goals are to pass CCENT by April 15 and CCNA in the June 15-30 time frame. Of course everything could change depending on new job opportunities, my job ends at the end of March and I am applying to alot and hoping to not have too big of a gap in employment. Ah well just wanted to get that goal out there..thanks for reading.


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    I haven't taken either test yet but that sounds very reasonable to me. I'm on a similar schedule and am finding it very doable. I'm (significantly) beating my goal dates I've set so long as I pass ICND1 on 3/15 :D

    You should be fine, just stay focused!
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    Good luck with your goal.
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    Good luck! If you stick with it you'll get it, it's totally doable.
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    You said your biggest gap was IOS, for ICND1 I think the focus is more on show commands and finding info rather than actual configuration. Maybe that will help narrow down your studies in that area. Make sure you know all the show commands and how to locate the information you need. Also make sure you got the subnetting down pretty quick, the better you can subnet, the more time you have for other questions or simlets.

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    Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

    I'm also going to look into WIA grants to take some ICND1/ICND2 week long courses at New Horizons Learning Center, they seem way too short and a 'boot camp' type thing, but I might be unemployed and figure they cant hurt, of course that comes down to govt grants so you never know.

    Today was my first day practicing IOS commands and think I'll get the hang of it soon :)
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    I think the time-frame of passing the CCNA will vary between each person. You set an ambitious goal, you stay focused and work daily and there should be no problems. Good luck to you.
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    draught wrote: »
    I think the time-frame of passing the CCNA will vary between each person. You set an ambitious goal, you stay focused and work daily and there should be no problems. Good luck to you.

    +1 on that.Best of luck, you can totally do it!
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    I'm gonna say about 6 months if your chasing woman icon_wink.gif and hanging out on the weekends. I did the full Netacademy. Towards the end I decided I wanted to take the test in 2 parts. Reading ODOM book is like reading a bedtime story. Everything is so easy to understand icon_smile.gif
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    Op here, bumping this thread, passed ICND1 today 937, now on to ICND2. Even have good news on the job front, in the 2nd round of interviews for a NOC tech at a data center.
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    Good luck!! If you stay motivated and study hard sticking with it you can pass icon_thumright.gif
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    Like you said, CCENT is Net+ with some IOS basics, and given your experience in IT, I'd say you could knock that one out of the park. ICND2/CCNA will be a bit more of a challenge but still attainable within your time frame.

    Go download packet tracer or snag a couple cheap 2600 routers off ebay, the easiest way to get those commands down is to use them.

    Good Luck and let us know WHEN you pass.
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    Yes I will start out on the software route, and see if I am progressing enough. Going to use the same study materials as before Lammle/Odom books and Nugget videos.
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    I passed CCNA today, so goal accomplished. I studied a couple hours a day for 2 months, read about a chapter each day of the Lammle and Odom books and did the practice tests from the CDS in the books. All in all from what I am hear I am glad I got in before the changes take effect in September.

    I only used Packet Tracer for IOS help, no actual equipment.
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    Awesome, congrats......
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    The new 100-101 test goes into configuration commands. I'm not sure to what depth it goes into it, but Chapter 8 of Odom's 100-101 book is dedicated to configuration/port security. Chapter 7 talks about setup/connection and basic commands. That's where I'm at right now.
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