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Well recently I have decided after researching into the security field of IT that I want to become a Penetration Tester. Currently I have my A+, Net+, MSCA:2008/2012, MSCE: Server Infrastructure, and MTA security fundamentals. I am currently studying for my cwna (school requirement), and afterwards I will be going for my ccna, security+, ccna:security, and Linx+. I know programming is big part of penetration testing, and with all the different programming languages I honestly do not know where to start, or what to learn. I do not have any programming background at all. I do know though that python, ruby, and the C languages seem to be the most popular. I just wanted to know if my current path of the certifications I plan to earn are a good start. I know I am probably going to have to get more penetration testing related certs like CEH. And if this information helps budget wise of what certs, and training I could afford, I am only 17 studying in a technical high school, and I am currently employed at a paid internship that brings in about 200+ a week.


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